I loved what Katie did with the paper in her Letter Box Traveler Kit so I tried to copy the effect with our own cathedral in Truro.
Like I said in an earlier page, I am just dropping in the middle of our trip with these pages on Cornwall. The earlier pages will show up ...well...later!

We traveled hard this day from
Brighton on Sea in north Somerset
through Devon, on in to Cornwall and
finally arrived in Truro with a roiling
storm. The Vistor’s Centre was
closed, the streets deserted and we
had no where to stay. Resourceful
and charming, Rich worked the taxi
drivers for information on lodgings.
On our way, following the driver’s
suggestion, I ducked into the swank
new hotel just off the square. Turned
out this posh new hotel was having a
special and we got an upgraded room
on the top floor, dinner with drinks
and breakfast for a very good price.

While checking in I was so excited
and relieved and so full of the tiny
villages we had been through that
I referred to Truro as a village. “No,
we are a CITY”, said the clerk. “We
have a cathedral!” Yes, of course.
The cathedral was locked up but
nevertheless impressive of the wealth
and status of this city at the centre of
Cornwall. My Grandmother’s
family left here for
the U.S. many
generations ago.
We felt right at
home and will be
back again soon.

Katie Pertiet
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