Catching up... an unplanned, but very welcome, remodel knocked me off the digi-track.

Rachel & Shane had their birthday on the same day as Veronica’s SSU graduation (23rd) so I made
Tres Leches for the party. Rachel likes that cake. I decided to take a picture of the cake the next day
for my recipe album. We went to a great game (Giants Won!) on the 25th. We also had some sad news.
Our neighbor, Bonnie, passed away this week. Keith & I helped her out the last few years &
her family is so nice. I will miss her. We are growing corn for the first time- it’s surprisiingly beautiful!
We went shopping at Healdsburg Nursery to finish up planting empty spots in our front yard.

Elements: JFox metal swirls and MMartin Bergen Dusk