Catching up... an unplanned, but very welcome, remodel knocked me off the digi-track. The washer flooded the house this week (you can see the photo of the de-humidifier in this layout).

I love this photo- it is a float from the FFA parade and the expressions on their faces is priceless. I used a
poster-edge preset to create a different effect. I took the night off & Keith & I had a “end of the parade”
party on our driveway. Mom, Debbie, Doug & Virginia, Rhonda & our neighbor Roxanne joined us You can
see the corner of Roxanne’s house in the picture. The party was SO MUCH FUN! On the other hand,
having a washer quit suddenly after 19 yrs wasn’t as much fun.But I look at it as a good thing- we’re finally
remodeling the hideous laundry/bath area I’ve hated since we moved in. I’m so excited & scared since we’re
doing it ourselves! Saturday Veronica graduated with her Masters from Sonoma State University. Yay Veee!

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