finally - all uploaded!

Little goodies kit from K pertiet

What a fun vacation! It went by so fast and we are looking forward to going back next year! Ryan loved the pool more than the beach, which came as a surprise to us. Abby loved walking up and down the ramp; still getting used to beach water. We also found out that Ryan does not like eating outside, he kept asking if we could eat our lunch in our hotel room and not by the pool. The kids were so well behaved that we took them to a “fancy” restaurant, Sandcastles, then walked along the beach to enjoy the amazing sunset. Ryan says his favorite part of the vacation was the trash truck Marcie gave him, I think Abby’s favorite part was having Daddy all to herself all week! My favorite part was seeing the joy on the kids’ faces as they each found something new to explore. I can guess that Daddy’s favorite part was spending more time with his family and less time with work.