We took a road trip to Georgia to visit your Grandma Cyrese and to help cheer daddy on in his Playoff game. You and I were also in a small wreck, you were fine I on the other hand was a basket case out of worry for you. You took 2 steps and then quickly sat down, you learned to climb stairs - thank you daddy, you celebrated your first 4th of July, you learned to blow kisses. Your favorite TV show is Yo Gabba Gabba and thanks to their DVD and our portable DVD player car rides are now enjoyable! You can say Kota, Nana, Papa and Nova. You also learned to say “shit”, daddy and I learned that we now have to filter what we say! You have learned to open the doggie gate and you help Kota and Sienna escape at least once a day. Your personality is showing more and more everyday. You are a very determined little girl and nothing is out of your reach, even if it means standing on a dog to get it. You still love music and the moment you hear it you stop what you are doing and begin to bounce.

mterasawa:: The Love Bandit Solids Paper Pack(altered)
AASPNES::CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No. 02
KPertiet::PolkaDots and PinStripes Alphabet
KPertiet::Rubber Wraps No. 02
AASPNES::Distressed Edge Overlays No. 03 12 X 12
KPertiet::Spot Dots Photo Masks No. 01

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