journaling: FAMILY NAME
When my grandfather came to the United States, as a young man, from Norway, his name was Tunis Refsland. He worked on building the railroad that opened up the state of Montana. His boss was German and he had great diffuculty with grandpa's name. So one day, he told grandpa that he was now going to call him Tom Jackson! My grandfather thought that was a good American name and from that day forward he was Tom Jackson. When it came time to become a citizen of his new country, that he so loved, he used his new name, Tom Jackson. He named one of his sons, Thomas, and Tommy named a son, Thomas Jr. Tom named a son Thomas III and then Tommy named his son, Thomas Jackson IV. A Good American Name!
Photo Captions: top: Tom Jackson doing chores at the Judith River Ranch. bottom: One of the Jackson family homes
Journaling Challenge Freebie 7-26-09 by Pattie Knox,
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