these are some photos of my nephew that my sister took.. i just added a little conversation between him and my daughter. TFL Smile

Katie Pertiet's - Simple Classics
the word bubbles are from online
the elements are from DSP

“if I press these buttons, I think I can call Auntie Kristen and I’m sure she’ll let md speak to Abby”

“Oh good, Abby is that you? I wanted to tell you about this awesome new toy my…” >click<

“Hello? Sorry Abby, I hung up on you. So, this toy, it’s a train and it has wheels and daddy… what? Oh fine, hold on…”

“Jake, Abby wants to talk to you, but don’t talk too long, I am telling Abby a story.”

“Hi again, so my new toy is so cool! Maybe our moms will set up a play date and I can, oh man! My mom wants to change my diaper.. chat later!”