I was reminded the other day of what occupational dreams I had when I was .... a lot younger. And I thought it could be fun thing to scrap about.

The ballerina and the cleaninglady is googled and adapted.

This is a little crazy, but I was inspired by a commercial I saw on tv.

*Now being five years old and my head said that being a ballerina or a cleaning lady would be the most brilliant occupation for me. So that is what I told people when they asked me what I wanted to become when I grow older. I grew older. About ten years later I took Miss Seguelquist’s Biology class and we had to dissect frogs, fetal pigs and a dead snake who had had a mouse for dinner. And I changed my mind. I decided that to study medicine and become a doctor would be a better idea. I liked to dissect. I liked to memorize all kinds of useless names of bodyparts. And that is why I still dissect dead stuff. I am even a part-time cleaning lady. But ballerina? Well, let us just say that we put that dream to rest.
But I do dance. Occasionally.*

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