Just-picked garden tomatoes are the best! This is the first year we've grown our own tomatoes, and we were so excited to see the first ripe one!

KPertiet: Sacked Solids Earthtones Paper, Purely Happy Paper, Photo Wraps No2, Fence Mesh, Memorable Spots Months, Botanical Postage Strips, Spring Branches
AAspnes: Journaling Challenge May 30, 2009 (hipster plumes), ArtPlay Palette No3 Frame, Distressed Edge FotoFrames No. 01, FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 03, MonoBlendz Cayenne Paper, Lima Paper, 12x12 Sandscratched Overlays
JEdwards: Smoothie Shop bookplate
GThomas: Wash Basin Paper (blended into Sacked Solid)
MMartin: Jelly Alpha No. 05
TReed: Acryl-o-Holic Elements from Sweet Shoppe Designs
PKnox: Ribbon Bits, Fasten Its (recolored)
Font: LD Vanilla