I've decided to do a book of favorite family recipes for my daughter for Christmas. She'll probably move away to study at Uni next year.
This is one of her favorite soups.
Goodness knows why I'm scrapping these instead of just photocopying the recipe from my book...!! Wink

By Katie:
Little Vintage frames
Hung Up Frames No2
Lil Bit Tags (staples)
Rubber Wraps No1

By Anna:
Dripped Stains ToolSet No. 1

Wooden spoon and 'homemade' stamp by Carolyn Bender from Shabby Kitchen Kit

Chelt press trial and Jayne Print

ETA: I'm not much of a cook. I didn't know what gammon was, either!! Perhaps it's an English term. I just buy smoked hocks / pork soup bones. Hope I'm getting the right thing!! Tastes great anyway.