So, I will admit that my hubby has been gone for work for almost three weeks now and I quite miss him. So I've done a few lovey dovey pages in his absence. I was also thinking about San Antonio (see you ladies in August!) and how this will be our second trip there since we've been together and we'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversay (I hate that we've "lost" the three years that we dated). My mom told me that if you can survive your first road trip intact then it's a very good sign! We had a very good first trip!! : )

This picture was taken on our first ever road trip. We were going to San Antonio to celebrate our first Valentine's Day. We didn't have a lot of options for hotels because we had to bring my dog, Boo Radley, and it is safe to say that he made the weekend interesting. He hates car rides so he barked the entire way and then when we got home he ate the chocolate that Ditz brought home for his mom. That dog and his stinking iron stomach. This is the trip where we discovered our mutual love of back roads and a shared desire to take thousands of photos of our surroundings. This is also when I first learned how much he hates having his picture taken and hates taking other people's photos. I do believe that there were tears (mine). Since this photo was taken we've been to California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Virginia and driven most of the great state of Texas. I love that it takes us twelve hours to get from Austin to Dallas, I love that time we got lost on Fort Hood and couldn't figure out how we got there or how to get out, I love all the small towns we've seen, I love the great and not-so-great places we've eaten, I love all of these shared experiences that we can treasure for a lifetime, but most of all, I love that for the rest of our lives we will experience all these places together. And for me, all the trips that we have taken and things we have done all hinged upon this one trip: San Antonio - 2006. If this trip would've gone badly who knows where we'd be today.

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