The Craggaunowen Project is a life-sized living museum constructed on the grounds of a 16th century fortified tower house. We wandered along a woodland path that took us through amazing reproductions of Irish history. It was a wonderful, unique experience.
1. Craggaunowen Castle, a restored 1550 tower house
2. A living history demonstration at Cragaunowen Castle
3. Turf (dried peat) used in fires around the Craggaunowen project
4. Recreated Iron Age Crannog, a lake dwelling built on a man-made island
5. Close-up of Crannog
6. Recreated early Christian age ring fort (5th-12th centuries)
7. The Brendan, a leather-hulled boat modeled after a description in a 9th-century manuscript that claimed St. Brendan reached the Americas around 580 A.D. In 1976, Tim Severin proved it was possible by sailing this very boat to North America.
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