My sister has had some very different experiences this past year. She went to the doctor for what she thought was a routine visit and ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer. She just found out this week that she may be fighting an even tougher battle. But this is not what defines her - she is a unique individual living her life who just happens to have cancer. Her optimism is an inspiration to us all. Journaling reads:
When I began this journey last
September, I had no idea where this
road would take me. I went to the
doctor to get help with losing weight
and to stop smoking.

Little did I realize that I would be
undergoing months of radiation
and chemotherapy. A diagnosis of
breast cancer changed my daily
routine of babysitting grandchildren,
visiting with my good friends and
neighbors, and occasional
trips with my husband who is a
long haul truck driver.

I was scared and devastated at first,
but I was determined that I was going
to live my life and live it my way.
I don’t do cancer every day. No one
is guaranteed anything in life so I’m
not going to waste my time on
things I cannot control.

I have dealt with a masectomy,
chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss,
hair growth, weight gain, weight loss,
nausea, constipation and every
other symptom you can name.
I have had x-rays, mri, ct scans.
port flushes, blood counts and
numerous other procedures.

But the thing that sticks in my mind
the most is all the people I have met
and shared experiences with that
I would not have otherwise met.

My journey is not over. I am
still smoking and still need to lose
weight. I will continue to meet
new people and have new experiences
and never forget what a journey my
life has been and will be.

Thanks for looking and be sure to keep her in your prayers.