A subject I have been wanting to tackle for a while, but wasn't sure how to go about it with it sounding like I'm completely nuts! I think I achieved my goal.

I have been to
Hell and Heaven,
and back,
all on the same ride,
many times
I have known
what it’s like
to contemplate
and often.
I have known
what it is like
to be high as a kite
on life alone.
That’s what it is
to have
bipolar disorder.
You ride
the rollercoaster
of extreme
high and lows,
without much
in between.
Up and down
Up and down,
for 15 years of my life
thinking this
was nomal.
That everyone
lived life like this.
Who would have
thought a change
in diet would
even ensure
some stability
and give me
a shot at
finding some
middle ground.
July 2009

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