The Goodtime III cruise was the best part of a fun week. Katie Pertiet Surf-n-Sand pp. Font is Georgia.

9. Another petunia - MiracleGro potting soil is the best! 10. George Carruth plaque - love his animals. 11. Snug inside during a fierce summer thunderstorm. 13. The Seagull hot air balloon from my backyard. 14 Gorgeous daylily - one of last year’s end-of-season bargains. 15. Mike & Jodie and their boys Christopher and Joseph took the Goodtime III cruise with Chuck and me. The weather was perfect - the little bit of a breeze brought out tons of sailboats. We passed under 17 bridges, a number of them lift bridges built to accommodate shipping traffic. This one was the second to last before we went out on Lake Erie.