I love doing these collages for vacation books. Its a place to put all the bits and pieces and silly photos and random memories.

For example, the handwritten luggage tags from our tiny local airport whose computers were down - the cause of a 5-day delay in getting our luggage!
Toilets in Ireland are called what they are! Not restrooms or bathrooms or whatever...just toilets. I thought it was hilarious!
Gary, who doesn't drink beer, enjoyed several pints of Guiness.
I had to include photos of our Sat Nav and our beat-up road map, which helped us get lost as often as they helped us find our way!
I loved the Irish road signs, especially "Achtung! Drive on the left"!
One of our bed and breakfast hosts told us that Michael Jackson had died.
And of course, our right-hand-drive car, that brought us grief and stress and the best trip we've ever had!

Brown Neutral paper from
Letter Box Traveler Kit