Last year, on my 42nd birthday, I created a layout of the 42 things Iíd like to do and places Iíd like to see. Already that list has evolved. Some Iíve accomplished, some Iíve outgrown, and some have been added. So many adventures await. And yet, so many adventures have already taken place...

Being born to Peace Corps parents in Panama was a very good start. Iíve walked the lava fields in Hawaii, hiked the Grand Canyon North to South, played among the ruins of Greece, been offered 1,000 cows for my hand in marriage in Egypt, went parasailing on the coast of France, ate gelato in Italy, cruised the fjords of Norway, went snorkeling in Tahiti, swam with the sharks in the Bahamas and the dolphins in Mexico, hiked around Ayers Rock in Australia, smelled the sulpher in New Zealandís Rotorua, sailed from Martinique to Guadelupe aboard the ďTortugaĒ, went scuba diving in Belize, and rapelled waterfalls in Costa Rica. Iíve lived in Panama, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, Louisiana, Nevada again, Missouri again, Illinois, and back to Nevada. Home for now.

Anna Aspnes:
Journaling Challenge 7-19-09
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