30 minutes, 4 elements, 2 papers, 2 photos and 1 font

No ideas tonight so I decided to take choice mostly out of the equation and blindly select items to put together on a page. Not quite mission impossible, but boy what a combo I ended up with! Talk about things I never would have put together on my own! I did allow myself to select the photos AFTER I had "eenie-meenie-mine-moed" the rest of it. But still. . .

What I learned: It's amazing how much quicker I can make a design decision when
a) there aren't many choices; b) there's only 30 minutes!

The random elements in this project are:
Kiana Papers, Michelle Martin
Color Challenge Freebie, 2.8, Anna Aspnes
Dirty Frames, No. 2, Katie Pertiet
Metal Scrolls, Katie Pertiet
Stamped Blocks No. 11, Katie Pertiet
Worn Page Edges 2, Lynn Grieveson

Font: Trade Gothic

Thanks for sharing in my experiment : )