Sixty million years ago, eruptions of lava off the Antrim coast cooled into upright hexagonal columns, which later eroded into stair-like steps. Today, this geological wonder is a World Heritage Site. The Irish however, know the real story. Here’s how it was told to us by a tour guide. The Ulster giant Finn MacCool, lonesome for his love over in Scotland, created The Giant’s Causeway as a way to reach her without getting his feet wet. One day, a giant from Scotland followed him home. Finn MacCool’s wife tucked her husband into a huge cradle and warned the rival giant not to wake the “baby”. Seeing this, the rival exclaimed, “If that is Finn MacCool’s baby, I don’t want to meet its father!” He escaped back to Scotland and tore up the causeway behind him so Finn MacCool could not come after him.
The causeway actually does extend underwater to the island of Staffa off the coast of Scotland.

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