I love Anna’s timing. I was thinking about this very thing this past week. Even to the point of the different “kinds” of places I’ve been. In the end I thought about how men just don’t change like women do. I for one have changed drastically since I was younger and some of it I’m fine with and some of it . . . well, I don’t really have a choice now do I. Oh, wait, I left most of those things out. ;O)

When I was a kid growing up I had 5 siblings under me. My mother didn’t live in the same state she grew up in and neither did my father. I use to think how great it was going to be when my siblings and I grew up and moved to different states. We would be able to see 5 states each! Well, turns out I’m the only one who moved away. The military let me see several states and several more countries. I got to go on a “snap shot” bus tour of Europe when I was in college and on a cruise to the Bahamas. This is all wonderful and I would love to see more. But, the geographical places that I’ve been are a totally different thing than the “places” I’ve been emotionally.

I’ve experienced
tomboy to formal dresses
pack rat to “get rid of it”
high school dances and camping with friends
living at home to college dorm life and first apartment
living on green beans and baked potatoes to not having to count my money at the grocery store
dating to marriage
air force life and traveling Europe
cooking full course meals to pancakes for dinner
raising boys
the birth of a child and the death of one
3 jobs at once to stay at home mom
a house full of boys (and their friends) to kids leaving home
joy of having kids to feeling close to depression
24/7 mom to “what do I do with myself?”
martyr mom to hiding candy
doing it all to feeling guilty for not wanting to anymore
taking time for me

I feel like I’ve been
10 different people so far
and that there are more to come.
I’m guessing there will be and
I’m looking forward to meeting them.

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