I snapped these pics of my DS yesterday before he headed out to the city. Technically they are lacking, but I just love them! TFL!


Uncle Sunnyboy said he hasn't seen you in 10 years. I didn't think that sounded right but as it turns out he hasn't seen you in about that long. You haven't been to NC since you were 15 or 16 and since he is getting up there in age, it is difficult for him to travel. I told him that you don't like going down south but that I would try to convince you to come with your sister and I next trip. I was teasing him and told him I would send him a picture he was very excited about that idea and said “Yes send us some pictures.” So I asked you to let me get a few pictures before you head out to DC. You were in a hurry but you obliged. You gave me the serious look you always try to give in your pictures. I asked you to smile and you gave me a very goofy smile and then a semi nice smile, but that wasn't enough for me. So I reminded you about an episode of Will & Grace in which a character played by Glenn Close was a famous photographer and Will & Grace had the opportunity to be photographed by her. This made you burst with laughter, so hard I thought you were going to fall and hurt yourself. We both laughed so much we didn't get a chance to get a really good photo to send to Uncle Sunnyboy, but I will always cherish the ones I did get and all their blurriness.


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