"My grandparents often made the 4 hour trip from Kansas City to Moberly, Missouri to visit their parents and many family members who lived there. The newspaper article recalls one of those trips when friends played tricks on my grandfather. You’ve got to love those small-town newsapers and their reporting of
everyday events."
The newspaper article says: "As a Labor Day aftermath, Mrs. Pet F. Andrews, 403 E. Carpenter Street, passes along this unusual incident:
Following a family reunion at the Andrews home, her brother, Ben Bly, and his family prepared to leave for Kansas City. As Mr. Bly prepared to start the car, he noticed that it had a flat tire. When he investigated, he found that it had two flat tires. Both of the front wheels were squashed upon the pavement! The reason? Six roofing nails embedded in a row across the treads of the tires--three in one tire like this (* * *) and three in the other like this (* * *). The worn heads of the nails revealed that the car had been driven for some distance after they had entered the casings. They may have been picked up by accident but Mr. Bly doesn't think so. Some of his friends, he believes, may have decorated the tires like that just for fun. And if that's the case, he's sorry they had to miss out on all the fun he had later--patching those punctured inner tubes. 'Stoo bad they weren't there!"

Katie Pertiet: Sacked Solids paper, Shaped Notebook paper, Little Vintage Frames 11, Crumpled Paper Flower,
Matte Black Vintage Frames
Lynn Grieves: Worn Strips 5
Anna Aspnes: Passionaire fotoblendz, textured overlays
Fonts: Misproject, Moolboran