I was so very excited to see Cassie's new Tutorial in the store today! I've always wanted to know how to color a vintage photo.
This is a photo of my maternal grandmother, Nanny Gene.
The photo is hanging on my wall and every time I walk by I think what fun it would be to see it in color. Thank you, Cassie!
The bad news is that I colored the whole thing and then realized I was working on a 1 x 2 inch web version!! All that time... I was able to enlarge it a bit for the page. But still Sad

This is my maternal grandmother, Gene Graham, lovingly known as “Nanny Gene”.
She married my Daddy Jim in 1915 and had my mom, Sybil, in 1917.
Nanny Gene was warm, funny and strong.
She passed away in 1963 when I was 5. I remember that she made delicious fried chicken!

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