Template by Ali Edwards (no 25) - slightly modified
Cream paper by Katie Pertiet (Krafty Naturals)
Red plaid paper by Jen Wilson (seasonal scraps collection)
font is century gothic

Journaling reads:
Cookie Dough: “Look, I don’t know who you think you are kidding by putting me on this cookie sheet. We both know you are just going to eat me.”
Katie: “Not today pal. Have you seen my waistline lately? I’m going to bake you up and take you right over to the neighbors. Love is better when it’s given away. Right?”
Cookie Dough: “Whatever helps you sleep at night… it wouldn’t hurt you just to have a taste or two though. Wouldn’t want to give away rotten cookies now, would you?”
Katie: “You do have a point there. I pride myself in personally tasting each batch.”
Cookie Dough: “That’s you, all about quality control! A few missing pieces won’t matter anyway… wait! I said a FEW pieces lady! What are you doing?!”
Katie: “Shhhhhhhh, be quiet while I make another batch!”

As seen in MSA Flourish newsletter June 2009