Generation Four

The first time I went camping with my husband’s family was 5 months after I got married. At that
time, if someone said “Grandma”, my mother-in-law would turn around. This year there were nine of
us (5 family and 4 friends). It’s amazing to think we are on the fourth generation of campers on this little
piece of dirt in central Oregon. When the family first started coming here the girls would have to
shave their legs using the hand pump. And that’s how they would wash their hair. Brrrrr....I have a photo
of my oldest son in a wash basin on a camper table getting his bath. I’ll have to pull that out for him
to see. We should all remember where we’ve been...and who saw us there. The joke used to be to
watch out for the Asstralian Mosquitoes in the outhouse. You know, the ones that come from Down
Under. We used to put a whole pig in a custom made rotisserie where it was caged in and all you basically
had to do all day was spray it down every once in awhile. One day one of my three-year-old twins placed
both hands flat on the thing and burned the palms of both hands. Once my daughter was having a hard time with
some of the older cousins. They were scaring her in the woods. Her dad and she devised a plan where she
would draw them in by telling them she saw Bigfoot tracks, and then he would jump out from behind
a tree and scare them all. It didn’t work. The only one he scared was her, and as she went screaming to
the campfire for help, every mother there scolded him long and loud for doing that to his little girl.
Ten years later she lost most of her hair here after her first major pulse of chemo. Lots of birds put it
to use for nests. No doubt. She was also our mosquito sacrifice that year. We told her since her blood
was toxic the mosquitoes would surely die after biting her. They didn’t. They’re still chewing her up.
One year my now daughter-in-law (who was a teen-ager at the time) was working and they wouldn’t
give her time off to come camping. She quit her job. That really endeared her to my father-in-law.
Later that summer they called her to please come back to work. She did. And got her boyfriend (my
son...and now her husband) a job there as well. Their daughter is one of the Fourth Generation.
Good Times. Hopefully for another four, or more, generations to come.

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