So funny story is that I could have used all three challenges this week on this one two page spread! I decided that I either a) need to get a small slim camera that will fit in my purse or b) quit whining about carrying mine around.... It's not even that big. Thank goodness the IPhone has a somewhat decent camera built in.

Journaling: Saturday, July 4th, 2009. Ditz and I made plans to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory with Judi and Joe in a belated celebration of Joe's birthday. Dinner was at six so that we would have time to run home before trekking down to Fort Worth to go watch the annual fireworks display. Dinner was great! We ate too much and then ordered too many pieces of cheesecake. We got three which was a tad too much for the four of us and since it was Joe's celebration we let him pick the flavors. We ended up with Key Lime, Strawberry and Snickers. The Snickers one is normally my favorite, but I guess I was in a tangy mood because the Key Lime won me over. We said our good-byes and started heading home. I was so full and it was so hot outside, I suggested skipping the fireworks display. There are just too many people that cram into that small area and just wasn't feeling up to dealing with the hassle. Ditz agreed but wasn't ready to go home, so we opted to just drive around (a typical past time of ours). Thomas and Jenny recently closed on their lot in the Sendera Ranch subdivision and when we saw the sign, we thought why not go check it out. We want at least a half acre or more in our next house and Sendera Ranch offers that, so we were scouting even though we have no intentions of selling our house for at least another four years. I say all of that so that you will understand why on the fourth of July we were driving around in someone else's neighborhood. When we drove past the community center there was a growing crowd of people and a sign that read "fireworks at 9:15." It was 8:30, so we thought why not hang around until the fireworks show and at least we would get to see some. It was really nice because the ting I didn't want was traffic and since this was a community thing there weren't a lot of cars around. We could see the field where they were going to be shooting them off and got a front row parking spot directly across the street. Neither one of us had ever been that close to the action before. I backed in so we opened the tailgate to the Mariner and waited for the show to begin. That's when Ditz said: "I bet we'll get some great shots because we are so close." I looked at him and told him that we didn't have the camera. When we were planning on going to downtown Fort Worth I had left it at home, figuring that we could just stop in and pick it up on the way. I didn't want to leave the camera in the car while we ate and I didn't particularly want to lug it into the restaurant either. So there we were, sitting about a hundred yards form where they would be setting off fireworks with no camera. And then Ditz started. I know he was meaning to poke fun of me and this whole scrap booking thing, but really he was saying the things that I was thinking. This is pretty close to verbatim: "So your book is going to be missing July 4th?? That seems like an important day to leave out. In twenty years when we are looking back at this book, there's going to be a jump from our Shreveport trip to what ever comes next. We'll always wonder, what did we do July 4th, 2009. Where were we??" I just sighed. I truthfully couldn't let that happen. I even thought about using last years photos and just telling the story, but that would be wrong. So I did the best thing that I could think of to do. I pulled out my IPhone, opened the camera function and clicked away. On this page there is a picture of the field where the fireworks were being launched, Ditz playing a game on his IPhone while we waited, a picture of our shadows (it looks light outside but it's just because we were under a street light), a picture of me that I had to beg Ditz to take and the picture of us - and by us I mean part of me and his hand. The pictures on the right are the best pictures that I got with my phone. I will say that of all the fireworks shots that I have ever taken, some of these aren't the worst!!


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