I found a marble and as I looked at it I wondered. . . who’s marble was this? where did it come from? Did it belong to a child? Was it part of a collection; a favorite? I wondered how many people this marble had belonged to one after the other, finding it and keeping it for awhile and then losing it or giving it to another. I’m sure for some it had meaning and for others it was interesting for a time and then let go as they moved on. In a similar way we move from one stage to another, seeing new things, learning, experiencing all that comes our way. It’s part of what makes up our being.
I haven't a clue how my story will end, but that's ok, when you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that's when you discover the stars. . . (and little treasures with stories inside)

Katie Pertiet:
Journal Challenge 062809
Bird Song Paper Pack (blended)
Snap Frames and Edgers No. 02
Anna Aspnes:
Distressed Edge Overlays No. 03 12 X 12
Gretchen Thomas:
Artistry No. 03 Paper Pack (blended)