Not being able to figure out the sex of the kittens yet has proved interesting in trying to pick names that suit their appearance but aren't overly masculine or feminine. They may not be their permanent name as whoever adopts them may want to change it but we just can't bring ourselves to only call them kitty 1, kitty 2, etc. Attached, maybe a little but we know full well we have to give them up so not really attached to the point of not being able to adopt them out.

Mike has been the naming king with being able to look at them and have names pop into his head. Some have been oh no you don't but then he comes up with a very fitting one for them.

Sorry Kerry.. I can't stop doing cute kitty layouts... look at their faces, how can you resist wanting to put that on film and paper?!? and they still need homes so wouldn't fight you driving on over & stealing one.. when the time is right Wink

Katie Pertiet - Filmed Frames No. 1, Alandia Tropics kit, Decorative Scissors, Hung Up Tags No. 2, Jewelery Tag Alphabet, Scatterings No. 1
Jesse Edwards - Gloriously Solids
Anna Aspnes - Tissue Paper