I previously uploaded the wrong version. This the correct one.

This took several tries. I wanted the text to be in the background as sort of a wave,wind,or nature backbround. But it just wasn't coming out right.

It wasn't until I got the idea to use MWISe Big Stitch Swirls as design templates for the text path that it began to come together.

I love this photo. I used the find edges tool as an overlay on the original cutout of the kids.

LG everyday inspiration papers for this week were used as well.

this was created in a 3600x3600pixel format but had to be saved and uploaded as 1200x1200.

The text reads various things like:
Love is..caring, love is..kind, love is..joy..love is.. encouraging...love is...you...love is.... etc etc
AND my brother.. my sister..my buddy..my pal...my best friend...my family...my partner in crime...my teacher..my little helper....etc etc
AND sharing moments... moments like this...hand in hand...no one else like you... and so on