I think I have opened this file to work on about a million times and it was really hard to finish the journaling. A bit of scrap therapy - and a page/event that I never, ever want to have to repeat.

Journaling reads:
After the funeral, you spent time with your cousins. Although you two were a bit shy, Rebecca and Kaleb were friendly enough to overcome any issues. Thankfully the four of you were two young to realize the magnitude of the day, and the reason why all of the adults were so, so sad. There should be another little boy in the mix - a sweet little boy who, despite his health problems, was always smiling and giggling and loved to give hugs to everyone. It is an event to make any parent stop and think about how beautiful, wonderful, and important you are. I am glad that you were spared the pain of understanding - but I regret that you won’t have much memory of Justin’s short, sweet life.

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