My sisters, Mom, and I had another challenge. This time Missy chose one of her favorite layouts from the past week, Echo Girl's
Three Wishes

She challenged each of us to lift it in an hour. I'm pretty sure I took longer than an hour.
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**All DD**

Cabana White
AVictoria Color Challenge Freebie
Stitched By Anna Red 1
Watery Washes 2
Date Strips Stamps No 2 (marker)
Round-A-Bout Felt No 2
Distressed Dates 1 (bracket)
Filed Photo Frames No 3
Be Mine Felt Alpha
Worn Photo Edges 3
Naked Tape
Basic Paper White Alpha
Little Bits Alpha
Filmed Photo Masks No 1
Negative Sleeves No 2
Art Play Palette 1 (stitches)
It's Black and White: Felt Alpha Collection
Heart Strings
Meadow Ridge (staple)