paper: Cabana White and Little Prince by Katie Pertiet
frog: Fall Frolics Add-on by Handmaid Designs
dragonflies, stitching: Bugs ‘n’ Grubs by Lindsay Jane Designs
tag: Blank Safety Tags Vintage by Katie Pertiet
template: my own, inspired by a magazine table of contents
fonts: Waterfalls, DejaVu Serif, Traveling Typewriter

journaling: Fascinated by frogs, toads, and lizards, the boys collect them daily. It's handy having a pool in the backyard, there are usually 1 or 2 toads in the skimmers, or better yet, floating on a noodle in the mornings. The boys catch them and put them into the green Megablok wagon. They take care of their new 'pets', give them bedding and food and attention. And mighty proud of themselves, they are!