I was surprised and then amused the other day when the boys revealed that they keep "emergency band-aids" in special hiding spots.

paper: Bits of Color Take 2 by Julia Makotinsky
template: Swing by Katie Pertiet
alphas: Tissue Alpha – Cream by Anna Aspnes, Red Punched Chipboard Alpha by Katie Pertiet
brushes: Graphic Pop Clusters No. 2 by Katie Pertiet, Messy Stamped Trims by Katie Pertiet
Font: Franklin Gothic Book, Times New Roman

Journaling: Once upon a time, two brothers were riding their scooters down the sidewalk to the front door of their house. Their mother told them to try to fall in the grass, and not on the sidewalk, because it would hurt less. But the younger brother fell on the sidewalk. He got all scraped up above his knee, and it bled and hurt a lot. The older brother, concerned, asked him if he needed a band-aid. The younger brother said “yes” through his tears. Then the older brother asked him where he stored his emergency band-aid. (The mother had never heard of such a thing!) The younger brother let him know it was under his pillow, and the older brother ran right off and got it for him. The mother got his scrape cleaned up and put on the emergency band-aid, gave him a hug, and helped him back up to the house.

And that is the story of The Emergency Band-aid.