This is my take on the Daily Dose inanimate object challenge.

I’ve often said I don’t need “things” to remember people by. I think of people, past and present from the daily things that occur in my life. My aunt Kathy sold Mary Kay. When I put my makeup on I always think of her. When I pick up the book that I’m reading I think of my friend who recommended I read it. I have a permanent “love scratch” on my wrist that makes me smile when I picture a certain nephew’s grinning face dragging me off to show me something that was “really cool”. Certain garden foods always remind me of my summer visits to my pawpaw’s place and a heavy accent will bring my nonna’s face to mind every time. My mom I think of daily. She showed me how the foaming soaps clean glasses better than anything on the market for eyewear. Now, I start every day thinking of her. I was a pack-rat growing up, saving everything so that I would remember people. I don’t have but a few of those things anymore and I don’t need them. My family and friends are with me daily because of the things they’ve done not the things they gave.

Katie Pertiet:
All Done Up Frames No. 04
Chunky Chipboard Alphabet: Orange
Stamped Blocks No. 12 Brushes and Stamps
Rob and Bob:
Modern Nature: Dragonfly Paper Pack
Jesse Edwards:
Glass Brads
Anna Aspnes:
HandMade Paperie No. 01
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 04
Pattie Knox:
More Mad Digital Skills (lessons on embossing and paper designs with shapes)
Thank you Cassie and Pattie for you help with my disgruntled PSE. Wink