Dana Zarling Sedona Kit
K Pertiet Botanist No1, and AllMappedOut single
DSE Megakit Neapolitan Vanilla recolored

Brushes and Grungies

Kokopelli made from DZs kit embellie
Seu Davis Grunge Rust Brush Set
JSprague Grunge Frame
KPertiet Snapframes
TrishJones Distressed Edge Overlay

Font DaunPenh and Rosewood Std

It is too easy to take 40 to get to the Grand Canyon. Why take another paved highway, when there was an obviously more scenic and perhaps direct route? Our road less traveled looked far more interesting cutting through Navajo country to Tuba City via 264. Right before hitting this road was a sign warning us that the road to Tuba City was closed. Were this road really closed and no way around (surely there is a detour, right? And if no one is looking, we are in a Jeep, right?), we would have to backtrack costing us hours of time. We casually asked about this at the only gas station, and they assured us that the road wouldn’t be closed until the next day. After getting mildly and happily lost on the unmarked dirt roads throughout this beautiful dry land, we found ourselves at last… at the end of the road. Literally. The road was not closed. IT WAS GONE. It had washed out, off the side of the butte! The police officer suppressed a giggle when we apologized and explained that we had been told by locals that the road was clear. He kindly “escorted” us off-road so that we wouldn’t have to drive all the way back. I am pretty sure that every Indian we saw that day was laughing at us, from the shopkeeper, to the other locals that knew these roads like their own hearts, to the officer at the end. I was sure that Kokopelli had everything to do with it, and he was laughing with us too.