This is for DH and I's European Vacation. I've decided to do "introduction" pages for each of the 10 cities we visited. The style will be the same for these pages. Other (more varied) pages will go into more detail between these pages.

As a change of pace from the big city of Florence we stopped in Lucca, a much smaller city in Tuscany. At the TI, we
stored our luggage and enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Lucca. We entered the town through its Renaissance city walls and visited its piazzas and side streets. The historical center follows the Roman street plan and the Piazza San Michele is circular because it sits on the site of the city’s ancient Roman forum. We visited the Duomo di San Martino, a Gothic church. One of the beautiful aspects of Lucca is the city walls which remain intact. They are quite wide and now serve as a pedestrian promenade around the entire old town.

While I enjoyed the art and architecture wonders of Florence, I learned that I much prefer the quieter life of a town like Lucca. Instead of the motorbikes roaring through Florence, Lucca filled its streets with bicycles and pedestrians. With a population of the entire city around 82,000 it felt closer to home.

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