Just a week after a party celebrating his 85th birthday, my dad found himself a patient at one of the region's major medical centers, being treated for pneumonia while getting tested for this and that. After having initially been told by the local doctors who sent him there to expect his stay to be an extended one, he was thrilled to learn that he was scheduled for release only four days after entering the hospital.

When the big day came, my mom, brother, and I made the two-hour drive to fetch him, arriving just about the time his nurse came by to go over his post-release instructions with him and get his signature on his release papers. She'd scarcely left the room when he developed a major nosebleed, and he insisted that none of us say anything about it to anyone, worried that that might jinx his being able to leave as planned—like nobody would notice the massive wad of Kleenex he had jammed into his nostril to staunch the flow! In the end, no one made an issue of the nosebleed, so his return home wasn't held up at all. I took this shot of him with my camera phone on the drive home—his nose still plugged with Kleenex, of course!—and I just had to scrap it, even though it's not the most flattering picture, because it's so emblematic of why I worry about him.

PLEASE...I understand that you’ve never had these kinds of major health issues to contend with before; maybe that’s why you don’t recognize the importance of taking even the little stuff seriously - but you are this family‘s rock, and Dad, I can’t stand to think that we might lose you before your time just because you were slow in consulting a doctor, or because you decided you could treat “doctors’ advice” and “just a suggestion” as synonymous, so c’mon...DON'T GAMBLE WITH YOUR HEALTH!

Katie Pertiet – Naturally Krafty No. 7 (embossing effect by me); Postage Strip Numbers; Little Bits Alpha; Postage Stamps-Botanical; Buttoned Up; Research Lab Brushes-n-Stamps; Winged Epoxies; Perforated Photo Masks No. 3 (journaling strip); Sea Salt No. 2; Little Round Tabs; Lil Bit Tags (crossed stitches); Twisted Stitches (texture added and recolored); Postmarked New Years 2009
Pattie Knox – Absolutely Acrylic Tabs-n-Tags; Staple Its!
Anna Aspnes – Torn N Tattered Paper Templates No. 3
Lynn Grieveson – Worn Photo Edges No. 2
Anna Victoria – 11/09/08 Everyday Challenge freebie (flower button)
Mindy Terasawa – 04/12/09 Everyday Challenge freebie (leaf patterned background paper); 03/08/09 Color Challenge freebie (paper used for Torn N Tattered strip, recolored)

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