Better late than never I guess! This was really fun.

I see a lot of older people in my daily work. As I am getting older myself, I better realize what these people are going through. Their world is in a state of flux as they adapt continuously to change. I have seen these people endure unimaginable hardships: chronic disease, loss of loved ones, rejection by close family members, and more. And yet they continue to come day by day and smile and interact with me as always. I wonder how they manage, and I am determined to learn from them. I believe that if God asks us to navigate our elder years, it can’t be just something to endure because the alternative is worse. There has to be a way to come through knowing we are better off for it. I pray that as the wrinkles get deeper and the people around me look ever younger, I will keep the childlike heart as my guiding spirit.

Anna Aspnes
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