Three of my girlies, enjoying the beach.

Supplies from Tracy Ann Digital Art:

Polka Dot Passion (paper),
State the Date 6,
Simply Said So Cute word art.

I was disappointed when I first saw this very overexposed photo, as I had been experimenting with different options on my
camera and hopedI’d been getting better pictures. But the more I looked at it, the moreI liked it. You know how “they”
say that at the end of your life, you see images pass before your eyes? I think one of those images will be this one, with
my little girls laughing and playing together in a rare moment of non-squabbling, thoroughly enjoying each others’ company
on a beautiful beach with the sun high in the sky. I think I will hear the distant call of the ever-present seagulls mixed
with the crashing of the waves, and every once in a while, the sheer joy of children as only they can express it, uninhibited.

tfl, susan