So, here's mine Smile I went, again, with a list of desire, some more serious than others.

Can I also just say...I have enjoyed, SO MUCH, reading all your pages in the gallery. So much fun to get to know you better and it thrills me to know you all have these pages for your AAM albums.

Thanks for humouring me and sharing your talents.

1. leave a mark in this world and make a difference. 2. visit Iceland, wallow in the hot pools and explore the volcanoes.
3. be a fly on the wall at a post-Oscar night Hollywood party. 4. know again what it’s like to have zero responsibility. 5. complete a triathlon or a half marathon. 6. not have anything to do with the military. 7. be able to salsa 8. have a secret super power. 9. know how to relax 10. to meet Madonna 11. definitely have bigger boobs. 12. be content, happy, healthy, wealthy (dirty rich, actually) and very wise. You can dream right?


Background is a paper from ArtPlay Palette No. 2 and recolored using Image>Adjustments> Hue/Saturation.
Bottom right image is clipped to ModGrunge FotoBlendz No. 2

Top right image is a two-step process:
I duplicated the image layer and converted the duplicate copy to black/white. I clipped the color image to another mask from to ModGrunge FotoBlendz No. 2 and the black/image to ScriptTease FotoBlendz No. 1. I merged the latter and set the blending mode to Multiply.

I recolored the "2" in the Everyday Inspiration Freebie Overlay by selecting the number using the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the Tools Palette and Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation.

I added additional brushwork using the following BrushSets:
DistressedLetters No. 1 BrushSet
Dated BarCode
Radial No. 1 BrushSet

Thanks for looking :D