template: Journaling Challenge 30May2009 by Anna Aspnes
paper: Color Challenge 2May2009 by Anna Aspnes, Festive Song Solids
font: Prissy Frat Boy

I loved the swirl, but wanted it more stitched looking. I created a new layer above the swirl, ctrl+click on the thumbnail of the swirl, and expanded the selection by 5 pixels. Then I used Katie’s dynamic stitching brush to trace the swirl and give it a more stitched look. finally I duplicated it a few times and flipped the copies around until I got the look I wanted.

1. to ride a rollercoaster 2. to go back to school again 3. to be in mud, including a “spa” mud treatment, losing a game of tug-of-war, and mud puddles 4. to wear high heels, makeup, or pantyhose 5. to be used to cold and snow again 6. to eat mushrooms or avocados 7. to have anything to do with snakes 8. to swim in cold (that is, under 90 degree) water 9. to cook dinner every night 10. to have another child