Sorry, I feel as though I need to say that nine times so as to not get anyones hopes up (my mom and mil sometime drop in and look at some of my layouts). Anyway, I was having a conversation with a friend and remembered this challenge, so I went with it. It's mostly journaling, but I thought the picture kind of fit with the theme.


To have a boy. I will say that I am not pregnant. Let me say that again - I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!! Natalie and I were watching a video on YouTube last week called Pregnant Women are Smug. If you have time, you should really check it out, it's quite funny. One of the lines is about women who say they don't care what they have as long as it's healthy. They point out that it's not like you only get one or the other and some women should just admit that "even if its brainless and limbless I'm happy as long as it has a penis." Well Natalie said that she wanted both a boy and a girl eventually so the first time around she would say she didn't care and then the second time she wants whatever she didn't get the first time. And the honest truth is I said I have no desire to a boy. It's not what you think. I think baby boys are great and fun. I love looking at layouts in the gallery of all little people, both sexes. I am an equal opportunity admirer. I see babies and I generally love them and coo over them no matter the sex. I have nieces and a nephew and I love them all the same. So you might wonder, what has made me not want a boy? It's his name. That's right, if he comes, he's coming pre-named. I knew this when I married my husband. He loves his name, which is his father's name, which was his father's name, which was his father's name and finally which was his father's name. Someone several generations back with the last name Ditzler thought it would be great to make it a first name. That's fine if you are a Jefferson, Jackson, Parker or Addison. It's not OK if you are a Ditzler. To make it worse, the middle name is Hugh. No one goes by Hugh anymore. So, I have no desire to have a boy if we are every blessed with little feet. Just something about carrying on the name that I can't get fully behind. Every time my husband meets someone and they either look at him like he's crazy when he says my name is Ditz or when they end up calling him something else because they think they heard wrong. Every time he orders food and we are going to pick it up he either uses my name or George. Why he wants to saddle a poor innocent baby with this name, I have no idea.