Another great challenge! This is just a secret desire as DH has no great love of travelling, but I suddenly realised that it is something I do want to do. Doing this page might make me take it more seriously.

Journalling says: This challenge has come at a perfect time. On Thursday at
Aunt Elinor's funeral Peter and Valerie discovered they had more relatives than they realised. Gail and Bob from Adelaide are lovely, and asked us to visit them sometime. The next day we were in the Botanics, Amy got playing with two little girls who were over from Canada on holiday. It got me thinking about what I’d love to do if money and time were no object.

I would love to travel, to see the world. At school, I loved languages, learning all about life in other countries. With Peter's job, he's able to take a sabbatical after a few years. I'm hopeful he may take the opportunity to work in America for 6 months, and possibly Amy and I could go with him. I think it would be a fabulous experience for her.

When I was young, we always had caravan holidays, travelling around Scotland (and later England too). I loved waking up each day and wondering where we'd be going to next. I know there are bits left to see of Scotland. Apart from that, my wishlist includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Italy, Japan and Norway.

Supplies used: A Aspnes challenge overlay, 12x12 Hipster Plumes Fotoblendz 2; K Pertiet Going Away kit, Watery brushes, clock parts, winged clusters, chunk chip cream alpha; P Knox Folded Ribbon bits.