As many of you read, I lost my brother in March of 2009 to Leukemia. He was a special agent for the Federal Government. One of the agents he worked with years ago sent us this photo. Seeing Jim so young and full of life triggered this page. Anna's template was perfect for it.

"Why is a good question....Why you? Why someone so young? Why cancer? I have to believe these questions plague anyone who has lost someone close to them before their time. Look at you in this are 24 years old. You just graduated from college and started your career with the government. This would be your career until the day you died. You loved it. It was exciting and meaningful. I hope you knew how many people grew to love and respect you through your job. After your death, we have received so many cards, letters, calls, emails from people all over the country who worked with you at one time or another. They were all shocked and saddend by the news of your death and shared some precious memory with us. It was such a great comfort to hear these wonderful things about you. This picture was sent to us by an agent you worked with when you were stationed in Oklahoma. Writing on the back of the photo read, “1990 El Paso, TX up all night.

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