I loved this challenge, it felt good to be so honest and write my thoughts on a LO!

Thanks Anna for making us feel 'arty'!

My list is
to work while my child is young
to go on a reality TV show
to get the toddler accounts audited
to drive into the centre of big cities
to go through a pregnancy again (yet)
to take so many photos that I miss the events I’m experiencing
to be part of a clique (though I still feel upset when I’m excluded)
to live somewhere hot
to get so drunk that I make a fool of myself
to live my life other than the way it is at the moment.

Supplies used:
A Aspnes - template, artplay palette 2, esther brushes.
K Pertiet Little snips alphas, watery brushes
L Grieveson breezy flowers
P Knox Brad Bonanza.