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Oh I so get this page! I love my cons and all the colors they come in! Awesome page! 1606-scb-converse.jpg
Lovely page! I loved the patterns and elements you chose! No_place_I_d_rather_be_72.jpg
Love it! Looks like a wonderful day! G_s-museum-field-trip---may2014.jpg
Welcome back! I'm sure it feels great to scrap again! 2014-5-3-TheseMemories.jpg
Great page! Love that action shot of the kids running! 04-14eagleseaster.jpg
Beautiful! So fun! lego_opa.jpg
How precious! top-of-the-world.jpg
He is getting so grown up, and as always handsome! 2013_3_loveyoumoreTN.jpg
This is precious! Monty has an Elmo basket too :) 2013EasterA.jpg

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this just looks awesome!!!
by anke
Love these photos Lisa! These are going to be so treasured in the time to come!
by Kayleigh
these are great--this album will be a treat!
by schnerbear
Of course you must play dress-up with your baby girl, Lisa!! She is a beauty . . . congratulations!...
by readstoomuch
I love this page so much, Lisa. The graphic look and simplicity is fabulous . . . and, your photos...
by readstoomuch
I love that you included the times on the photos -- you have one busy life, my friend! I adore that ...
by earlofoxford
These photos show me a busy family whose days are filled with the activities of two young ones. I be...
by digigrandma
I love how crisp these look! What a great idea to include the time! :)
by tracermajig
I love the time stamp! Such a sweet series of photos, great week at a glance.
by lizj
wow Lisa! you chose beautifully soft colors for this and i love it! adorable!!
by schnerbear