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Looks like you and your daughter share the same sweet smile. EllieblueWEB.jpg
Definitely huggable. Sweet page. Harvey_you_are_so_huggable_72.jpg
Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Love the photo front and center. augustboat2011.jpg
Beautiful spread, so warm. What is the little guy on the beach? I am ocean beach ignorant. Only lake... Inskip_R_.jpg
I want to sit in that chair! Very inviting pages. Inskip_L_.jpg
Love the journaling look! jada_faves_web.jpg
Sweet, sweet photo. Great photo treatment. Looks like she is blowing the flowers. Dandi_Ruby.jpg
Super scraplift. Love the yellow. 8_things_on_09_10_11_-_for_web.jpg
Wowie! Love that smile. Wes_blended_-_for_web.jpg
Sweet page. Always_Watching_web1.jpg

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