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So cute Liz. I'd like a turtle backpack myself! b_is_for_backpack.jpg
Lovely indeed! I love how the circles carry your eye across. agniezkassl.jpg
Having a child who loves reading is a real blessing! The tint of the photo is perfect! book4.jpg
Colors are terrific and I love the balance with the arrows. 170803ColorSpots.jpg
It's hard, definitely hard...but it does end and/or they move on to college, adulthood, marriage and... drama.jpg
This definitely needs to be a template! and what a cutie to have as your model. Actually, all of you... July2817_LoveYou1.jpg
S/he is just perfectly placed in that bendable! this is really eye-catching. hummingbirdfly.jpg
The blending of paper onto the chicken wire is fantastic and the music strips are perfect. 2017-07-20-Orhestra-in-the-PitStudioDD_LayerWorksNo830.jpg
Deciding on how to do a book is always a challenge for me! but it's fun once I start. Lovely page Mo... Trombone_-_tallinn_estonia_0515-2017.jpg
Inspiring Mollie! Please, what is the font for Bergen Norway? 2017-05-07_Bergan_Norway1.jpg

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Beautiful, romantic page!
by Arte Banale
Gorgeous blending and such a pretty photo.
by bbe
This is beautiful, Maureen! I really love the long framing
by anke
So pretty!
by shannonroller
beautiful! love this Maureen!
by katie pertiet
Ohhh my this is just stunning ;)
by myssp
The spill frame was made for this beach photo. Wonderful page, I can feel that ocean breeze.
by lizj
Beautiful beach photo and lift! Awesome use of circles!
by jana
Beautiful backdrop for this photo!!
The end of your journaling made me laugh! I enjoy sports, but there are some I can't sit around and ...
by KimR+