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If there's laughter then you have good shots! Glad you included them all on this two pager. Nice col... nelsonxmas2014pg1web.jpg
That will be nice to see all the time now! Readymade does make it easier! Timeline_Cover_Photo2.jpg
Gorgeous simplicity. I would so love to have chickens! 2015may14l.jpg
My she's growing up! such a happy face and page. :) flicker.jpg
Superb! Yearbook_Closing_700.jpg
Oh Mama...EOD. I'm glad he's willing to go that route but wish he were'! Great tag on the anchor. ;) nrotc_cortamid_or_bust.jpg
Love how you framed this young man in the doorway of life! DD_ArtChallenge_May2015_web.jpg
The good weeks balance out the harder weeks don't they. Love seeing your many images! week12_left1.jpg
Ah the perfect age to watch, but then any age is with a loved grandson! Football is much more fun to... he_shoots_.jpg
Limerck sounds like a perfect match for a "Shannon". Good for you managing to use the lace here! 1505-scb-starbucks-121.jpg

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Fantastic page Maureen......the sketch really makes this page stand out and I feel the jury got it j...
by blkcow
A thoughtful and striking page - although I'm pretty much against the death penalty, in this case . ...
by MaggieMae
Such an effective use of the sketch -- brilliant, Maureen. I felt the jury got it exactly right.
by earlofoxford
I love the topic, I am very torn about the whole thing myself, I probably tend to lean against it. Y...
by anke
A marvellous page to document this Maureen. I love how you keep your PL real.
by lizziet5
A lovely, bright page! Love that crab!
by lizziet5
I love your pencil sketch. What a poignant image. Yes. A very difficult situation. The whole questio...
by esther_a
Great PL pages!
by Kayleigh
Wonderful photos and 2 pages!
by jana
Love the pink and blue backdrop for your photo's - another great set! Love the fonts you've used too...
by lizziet5