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Awww, Erin. So very sorry for your loss. An amazing page filled with love and raw emotion. I hope... myangelbaby6.jpg
Love it, Rache! waybackweb.jpg
Too funny, Sylvia! SSL--Playing-with-Text_Ben-_-Jerry_s.jpg
Oh, Shirley! So sorry for your loss. From the description, Baibin and Wicca sound very like minded... MakeAJoyfulNoise.jpg
Looks like you played with it just enough, it is perfect. SS_August_29.jpg
Wonderful story! SS_September5.jpg
Lovely girl and page, Erin! almost_perfect1.jpg
Lovely, masculine page, Julie! lynng-scrap-express-120-22.jpg
So sorry, Chrissy. Hope that this helped. angry1.jpg
Knew that it was yours as soon as I saw the thumbnail! Welcome back! ordinary_life.jpg

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That is awesome, love the journalling I'm chuckling away! What a great memory to scrap.
by carollee
Great story, Susan! Nice to see she is getting to the cottage though!
by Jane_Bond7
Such a great story, Susan!
by jcaruth910
I LOVE this page!
by ptabbert
I love this - perfect way to capture this time.
by ElizabethW
Love the punch of the ending and the way your journaling flows into the title!
by earlofoxford
oh my, if this doesn't strike a chord with me, susan . . . right down to the word search! it...
by dfwest
This is memory keeping at its best - scrapping the things we think we'll never forget - but sadly do...
by Shannamay
oh, i love that story! fantastic!! love that you were able to give her some easy, fun downtime too!
by schnerbear
Such a great conversation, and I'm glad your Mum spent time with you at the cottage. Love how you u...