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Beautiful! 21st_December_Josh_Becky_web.jpg
So glad that you are feeling better! A happy page! finally_dressed.jpg
Jumped out of the gallery at me...knew that it was yours before I even saw the user name...that's a ... NewYear_sEve2014.jpg
Special page! 20150117-nalaandliam.jpg
Sorry to hear about the back issues...I have SO been there! Schedule some PT and/or a 2015-PL_-_WEEK_03_-_left_-_web.jpg
I think that you dodged a bullet there.....looking forward to seeing pics from your trip on the big ... 10th_December_Strategy_web.jpg
Oh my, Sharon. So sorry for your loss. What a special page. 24th_Dec_Goodbye_web.jpg
Gorgeous photo! Good luck with the boxes!!!! NewYear1.jpg
....but then you'd be an icicle.... bicycle2.jpg
Go you! Well done, Carol! 2014-Goal_Half_Marathon_-_web1.jpg

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Yowza! You made all of these? You quilt and knit and scrapbook?!? Color me impressed! You must p...
by Squeak
Oh, I would love to be near this. I would love it! Fun photo and wonderful scrapping. :O)
by mugsbigsis
So much fun! I'm a little jealous of that outdoor ice, it is one thing I do miss about the prairies ...
by sterkeurs
I've been on ice skates once in my wasn't pretty. :) Your page sure is, though! What a ...
by Squeak
Yay!! Great photo of you and Isobel!! So glad to see you are out and enjoying winter! Hope to get ...
by Jane_Bond7
Sounds marvelous. I haven't been on skates in YEARS and would certainly break something if I tried. ...
by justbnsharon
that must be so much fun!! great page to remember this.
by lego
Sounds like a lot of fun! Love your page design and the dainty snowflakes!
by lizziet5
Looks like so much fun! In Alabama, we can't imagine this type of thing. I just love your wintry pag...
by Amy L
Loving the title too, across the spread of the page like that.
by carollee