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Love the perspective...would love to see some blue sky here...nothing but rain..... SSL_October_18_upload.jpg
Love this, Heather! Wonderful extraction, journalling and execution! Go, Nathan! bestday.jpg
You go, Girl!! Rooting for you! CRAZY-GOOD.jpg
Awesome round up....but I'm with mouse? summersummary.jpg
Gorgeous! You can do this!!!! believe31.jpg
She is looking so grown up! Glad to see you, Ang! Saturday_lift_Oct_4.jpg
Great wrap up, Maureen! 22 screws not withstanding, he is still lucky that he didn't land on his he... 14_wk_39_700LP.jpg
Woo hoo, Jane! Awesome to see you in the gallery! Stunning photo! Moab_UT_web.jpg
Ouch indeed! Sending wishes for speedy healing! 1409-my-fall-121.jpg
I have so missed your page explanations.... LlamaDrama.jpg

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Powerful documentation of such a horrific event. As I heard the pieces of this through the day I tho...
by justbnsharon
Brilliantly documented, Susan.
by earlofoxford
beautiful page. you were in my thoughts all day yesterday...
by schnerbear
A sad day for us indeed. I was in shock when I heard the news. I love how you documented this tragic...
by sterkeurs
This is so powerful! I too thought of you all yesterday. So sad and scary. I really love your page s...
by Crystal
I thought of you, Susan, and I said a little prayer for all. Take care.
by smcloone
This is amazing.....I thought of you all day yesterday. I still vividly remember where I was when JF...
by blkcow
"Where are you?" Oh man! Does this ever resonate with me. Susan, I know exactly how you feel and y...
by dfwest
Beautiful journaling about the shock of tragedy and the loss of innocence. So very sorry for you and...
by MaggieMae
Love this! Not the circumstances tho. I did think of you yesterday as I was glued to the news and tw...
by Ernie88