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....and to think that I thought it was called a nest! Silly me, thanks for clearing that up for me,... 27th_March_Egfugs_web.jpg
Lovely. She is looking soooooo grown up! look_ear.jpg
Gorgeous, Mollie! 1958_sock_hop_web.jpg
Good to see you! They are sooo little here! Storytime5.jpg
Wonderful photos, Esther. You have a beautiful family. Glad that things are looking up! 2012-01-20-Family-photos-p2.jpg
Love the large photos! Can't read what you won at Tim's, a car, perhaps? PL_2015_week_11_R_.jpg
Awesome to see the pics! You chose a good weekend to come, the following Family Day weekend was -40... PL_Wk5_pg1_web.jpg
So sorry for your loss, Sylvia. Wonderful expression of your feelings. Thinking of you. Right-Now6.jpg
Take it easy! Great page. 02_21_2015_Snow_dd.jpg
Oh, Deb! I have been missing you in the gallery and hoped that this was not the reason. I am glad ... Mamaw_dd.jpg

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Oh, I am brought to tears. You tell this story with such tenderness and obvious love for your mom. ...
by digigrandma
Your page depicts your thoughts. So very well done. :O)
by mugsbigsis
What a cruddy week this must have how your paper and brushes look like the car ;)
by blkcow
Your journaling is wonderful and even "glass half full" people run into weeks where it is almost too...
by justbnsharon
Sorry you had a bad week, Susan! Hope it's uphill from here... Love your journaling though.... tha...
by Jane_Bond7
Oh boy, I've had weeks like that! Your journaling really captures how it feels when things run in a ...
by scullen2
I too am so sorry that you had such a bum week . . . winter, muck, mud, slush, dirt, engine lights a...
by readstoomuch
Glad things are getting back on the right track -- don't you hate weeks like that!
by earlofoxford
Love your journaling Susan but I'm so sorry you had a bad week! A great page!
by lizziet5
So beautifully written...
by deanie