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Wonderful! Aly_PeaceOfMind-copy.jpg
Too cute! Real_Low_72.jpg
Loved Lego in this house too! Great page, Chrissy! Legophotography.jpg
Wonderful, Merr! teddybaby700.jpg
Cute! He looks like a stick bug! 14th_April_Strange_Littlle_Bug_web.jpg
Congrats to Tate! Lovely page.....I'm another missing you in the gallery! It_s-Offical_-Tate-Earns-His-Yellow-Belt.jpg
Gorgeous Pam...snowed here yesterday too..... just-one.jpg
Gorgeous, Merr! macrochallenge700.jpg
I predict that we'll hear the squeals of delight all the way over here! EASTER-LETTER.jpg
Love the photo and journalling, Deb! tulips_photo_challenge.jpg

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Isn't it fun to review those great gems you find in the scanning process?? What a fun page!
by justbnsharon
A colorful collection of clowns. Love all the outfits! I admire you for sticking with the scanning o...
by digigrandma
Fun! Boxes of photos can suck you in faster than pinterest. Wonderful page. :O)
by mugsbigsis
I'm loving this one, Susan . . . you sure make a good lookin' clown! LOVE the hair . . . would make...
by readstoomuch
Such a fun page.....and scanning all the old photos is not will be so worthwhile in the lon...
by blkcow
Oh how absolutely fun! I love love love this thought and yes, these are the gems that you must scra...
by carollee
What a totally cool page!
by Amy L
Just brilliant!
by oswegograd
I love how your mind works, to create such fun pages! Love the extractions here, and the table manne...
by kikimama
Well done, Susan! I am nostalgic for those days when families sat down at the table and minded their...
by digigrandma