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I am doubled over with laughter after reading your page commentary! Love this page, love how you fo... rightnow9.jpg
Oh, my! I adore everything about this! KPertiet_DiscoverandWanderPREV.jpg
Your page design drew me right in! LOVE the curled circle, love the page colors! 2016-3-20-FavoriteDestination.jpg
Love this page! Great design and the paper colors just pop! Hannah_s-Art-copy.jpg
Love this to bits! So cute and creative! kittywhimsy700.jpg
Everything about this is so much fun! Love this! Yes-Loved-copy.jpg
I put this in my favorites weeks ago; can't believe I didn't leave a comment on it until now! Reall... gingerbread6.jpg
Cried when I learned of his death. His music was a big part of my life for years. What a lovely an... David-Bowie.jpg
This is way cool! Totally lifting your lift! :) alookback2015.jpg
This is fabulous! Many congrats on the GSO! 2016_cover.jpg

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If you have been doing the books every five years, it is obvious that you have been with your lab fo...
by eajdewitt
You were burglarized when you were at home?!!! Shirley, I will think good thoughts for you landing s...
by lizj
You have truly had a full plate this year, Shirley. I admire the strong spirit that comes through in...
by earlofoxford
oh shirley, this is just unbelievable! well, i do detect that your humor is still intact so that is...
by dfwest
Wow, this is super collage of photos - wishing you some brighter days ahead in 2016, I was once told...
by myssp
All that's going on and you still managed to create this really cute page! I hope 2016 will be a bet...
by jana
Oh Shirley! Fingers crossed 2016 will be really dull and mundane ;) What a lovely set of books you'l...
by kikimama
Wow! I hadn't seen this page till now. How powerful it is! Thank you for sharing!
by kikimama
It looks like you have a great set of monkeys there and I can see it is a fun circus to be part of. ...
by esther_a
Things have to get better in 2016, Shirley!! So sorry for the challenges in your life. Good luck wit...
by digigrandma